Are you are a bit of a foodie, prepping your children yummy, nutritious, amazing looking meals that they actually want to eat? Or, do you enjoy having your little giant help you in the kitchen?

Are you looking for ways to help reduce your house hold waste and use more eco-friendly products?

Have you been struggling to find the quality stuff that doesn’t cost the earth?

What if I told you that there was somewhere you could find food preparation products for an affordable price? What if I told you there were fun reusable products that both you and your little giants will love? Oh, and did I mention the products were fun, creative and perfect for your little giants?

Look no further than Little Giants Kids Store!

Hi, I'm Hannah and I am the founder of Little Giants Kids Store.

A stay at home mum to two beautiful girls. Our little family live in Auckland and our favorite things to do are go to Kelly Tarltons and the Zoo. I have a passion for providing exciting yet wholesome food for my family and helping others do the same. I'll also admit I spend longer than I should on social media (I'm sure some of you can relate) trying to find new foods to make and items to decorate with.

My Story

I have a confession, I have always been pretty shocking in the kitchen. It might have been because I somehow skipped that genetic blessing, that I didn't have the drive, or the right tools to cook with. Until now.

When my little giant came along, I vowed that I was going to push myself to produce creative and wholesome foods to help her be the best that she can be. And I did it! A couple of friends have since told me they have been secretly envious of the creations that come out of my kitchen.

But it wasn’t an easy journey, I struggled to find quality and affordable products to help me produce these creations. Because I couldn’t find what I needed at the right price, I was inspired to source the items myself and make them available for other Mums in the same position…

Little Giants Kids Store was born.

My Philosophy

I believe that every home should have access to quality and affordable products that not only look good, but do the job they are meant to. I want families to be able to bring fun and style into their little giant’s life. 

I want families to be able to use the inspirational products available at Little Giants and be able to incorporate them into their healthy lifestyle. I am an experienced and qualified Personal Trainer, so am passionate about blending my two loves together - healthy lifestyle with fantastic products for kids. I will be sharing my tips on this mash up over on the Little Giants Kids Store Facebook page and on Instagram.

I love each and every one of the products that I stock at Little Giants, I hope that you do too!

Bye for now!
Hannah xx

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